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Sports talk that is real, opinionated, unique and fun to listen to!

Jun 30, 2018

- We discuss Andy Murray and Serena

- We tell you the potential surprises of the tourney

- Who are we picking to win? May be a surprise!

Jun 29, 2018

Topics Include:
- Chris Paul/Rockets
- OKC is screwed
- Kawhi
- Paul George back to Pacers?
- Raptors mess
- Other musings/predictions

Jun 27, 2018

- All time rank currently?
- What can he do to achieve GOAT status?
- Where will he play next year and beyond?
- Legacy

Jun 23, 2018

Topics Include:

-Draft review: We debate the winners, losers, best picks and worst picks.
-2nd Round Steals?
-We disagree on Michael Porter Jr
-Couple of trade/free agency predictions (Kawhi, Kemba, Cousins included)


Jun 18, 2018

Listen as we discuss who we think the steals of the NBA Draft will be as well as inform you as to what player each of us thinks is a can't miss superstar!